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Eyelash Perming Procedure


     Technician should follow basic sanitation procedures.

      Fill out Client Record card.

      Have client remove contacts.

     Place client in a partially reclining position in the facial chair.

     Drape clean towel across client's chest to protect clothes.

     Remove all eye makeup thoroughly with a non-oily makeup remover and dry area.


  • Client Record Card
  • Clean Towel
  • Hand Mirror
  • Non-Oily Makeup Remover
  • Cotton Pads
  • Bowl of Water
  • Timer
  • Natural Tears Eye Drops
  • Tissue
  • Q-tips or 100% Thin Cotton Strips
  • Toothpicks
  • Perming Lotion
  • Fixative/Neutralizer
  • Nutritive Liquid
  • Cleanser
  • Pre-Glued Eyelash Curlers

The SHELF LIFE for PERM LOTIONS unopened is 2 years – After open (with no contamination and kept in a cool place) is 6 months.  Makes sure you replace lids tightly to prevent oxidation of product.

Helpful Tips

VERY COARSE LASHES:   If lashes keep popping off rods apply #1 Pink Perming lotion to lashes for 5-8 minutes and then start procedure.

If AC unit is blowing on client cover eyes with dry cotton pads so as not to affect Perming process.

You can cover the lashes with a small/clean piece of plastic wrap after each lotion is applied - this helps the curl take better.

Make sure you handle the rods from end to end so you don't weaken the pre-glued rods.

Pre-curl the lashes with a lash curler

 If you have SOME that pop off the rod you can use the glue to give them some additional help on sticking to the rods.  You can use a toothpick or q-tip to apply a small amount of the glue – MAKE SURE NOT TO GET THE GLUE ON THE SKIN

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